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 Symphonie Jan Degtiarev luthier Limoges France guitares électriques micros

Body: Tiama from South America

Neck: Tiama from South America
Fingerboard: Snake wood
Frets: 22 medium
Machine heads: Grover
Tremolo: Custom Degtiarev

Pickups: Custom Degtiarev D2S-1 (neck)

               Custom Degtiarev DS-5-V (middle)

               Custom Degtiarev D2S-1 (bridge)

Scale: 648 mm

Nut width: 42 mm

Top sleeve width: 56.3 mm

Handle thickness 1: 20.3 mm

Handle thickness 2: 22.3 mm

Radius: 9.5"-12"

Symphonie Jan Degtiarev luthier Limoges France guitares électriques micros

Price: 2 500 € TTC (*)


(*): this price may vary depending on the modifications or customizations desired.

Tiama is a light wood from the same family as mahogany. It has a very warm sound.

The vibrato is custom built. It is a stainless steel tray, bronze block, Graph Tech saddles, and GHOST piezo.

The Degtiarev neck and bridge pickups (D2S-1 neck and bridge versions) of the Symphony model have been developed in order to obtain two very distinct sounds. The first position is very similar to the sound of Fender Strat and the second to the sound of Gibson P-90 version. We change position using the jazzmaster type switch (on-on). In the middle position, it's a vintage Alnico-5 (DS-5-V) Strat type pickup.


This instrument is versatile, offering sounds similar to the Fender Strat and the Gibson p-90 version. A piezo sensor is also present to add an acoustic tone.



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