The workshop is located in Limoges halfway between the Bénédictins train station and avenue du Général Leclerc:


Luthier Custom guitars in Limoges
40 rue des papillons
Phone: 05 55 37 83 64


Come and discover my friendly workplace completely renovated.

We'll be able to elaborate all the works of guitar lutherie that you wish to carry out.



For the manufacture of guitars, woods are conserved and dried woods from 10 to 30 years: wavy maple, speckled, Mozambique ebony, walnut ...



Guitar's bodies are in one piece, with a search for enhancement of the veins, and a remarkable finish. Certains guitars are sculped, for example the Panther model has a body in the shape of a panther.



For the neck, you will have the possibility to choose:


- the type of wood: wavy maple, speckled maple, mahagoni, ribbon satin, tiama, rosewood, ebony…

- custom choice: neck, frets, inlays, machine heads…

- finish: matt, satin, or glossy varnish


Come to my showroom to test my guitars and pickups, the opportunity to talk together about your project in this musical atmosphere.


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Jan Degtiarev
Artisan Luthier Custom Guitars

40 rue des papillons
87100 Limoges
Phone : 06 15 24 17 61

Jan Degtiarev

Luthier in electric guitars, acoustic guitars, folks, basses, classic nylon strings, dobros.

Repair, adjustments and manufacturing of custom guitars and microphones.

Luthier for 30 years and installed in Limoges

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