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Originality in guitar shapes, innovative techniques applied to electronics, here are some of the novelties that you can find in the production of Jan Degtiarev


The V+M PICKUPS series

With the V+M series of pickups, the range of sounds available around a single coil pickup is even greater.


The technical originality of the new V+M series lies in the fact of continuously putting 2 windings of different wires

around a single magnet. By making it possible to activate the first coil, or the second, or both at the same time, you have from a single pickup a wide range of colors ranging from vintage sounds to more modern sounds, while always keeping the typical inimitable tones of a real "single coil".

With this new innovative concept, Jan Degtiarev offers a range of several pickups by declining the idea around different types of magnets (Alnico 5 and ceramic), in single and P90 format.

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