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Body: Cherrywood of America
Table: Maple

Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 22 (sintoms FRF-2.5eh)
Machine heads:  Schaller
Tremolo: RGFB65-CR

Pickups: Active Custom Degtiarev

Scale: 648 mm

Nut width: 42 mm

Top sleeve width: 56 mm

Handle thickness 1: 20.5 mm

Handle thickness 2: 22.5 mm

Radius: 9.5"-12"

Price: 2 200 € TTC (*)


(*): this price may vary depending on the modifications or customizations desired.

This guitar has a bright sound in midrange frequencies without the loss of sound level when you go from double coil to single coil on each pickup.

The pickups are active with beautiful low mediums that blend well with the resonance of the cherrywood body that gives it a good presence of high mediums.
Versatile instrument with a comfortable neck.



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Jan Degtiarev

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